July 2020 Newsletter

The second quarter of the year is behind us, and we are smack dab in the middle of summer. We hope everyone has adjusted well to their new normal and has found a way to keep freight moving in a way that works well.

We’ve still been hard at work here at Freightview and have a lot of new features, improvements, and updates to cover!

Freightview Carrier

The Freightview spot quoting tool has been available and helping shippers since the summer of 2017. But now, we’re rolling out a carrier site-- which will be valuable for shippers and carriers alike. Freightview Carrier is an easy way for carriers to manage every spot quote and shipment they’re attached to via Freightview. Your spot quote carriers will now have the ability to give you tracking updates, provide a BOL, and send important updates which will appear in Freightview.

Carrier Portal



We now have in-app notifications. You’ll notice a new bell icon next to your name in the top right hand corner of Freightview. Currently, you will only receive notifications when there is an error booking your shipment, or if there is a major Freightview release. If there is an error, it will include the error message and will allow you to go in and fix the issue, and book again. Fixing the issue will, in turn, clear the notification.

Default Label Settings

You now have the option to set default label settings for your company. This will allow you to bypass a step and automatically generate the size you need.

shipping label settings

New Parcel Features

Booking 3rd Party Parcel Shipments

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we heard when it came to parcel was the need to be able to book a parcel shipment, where you bill collect to the recipient or third party. This functionality is now live in Freightview.

Parcel Packaging Types

You have the option to choose from a set of predetermined packaging types for FedEx and UPS when quoting your parcel shipments.

Freight Class Calculator

Ask and you shall receive. We recently added a freight class calculator to the quoting screen. Enter your weight and dimensions and we will provide you with the estimated class based on the density of your product.

class calculator

New Address Book Setting

Decide if every address you ship to or from is automatically stored in your address book. If you are shipping to a lot of one-off destinations this can help keep your address book clean. You will find this under your app settings.

address book setting


Resend Audit Dispute Email

If you are utilizing our auditing tool and using it to send rate disputes to your carriers you now have the option to resend that dispute email. This is an easy way to follow up with your carrier if you have not heard back regarding your dispute.

resend email

Volume Quote Expiration Date

We return volume quotes via the API for your supported carriers. Those are only valid for a limited time, and you can now see that expiration date included in the quote.

spot volume expiration


Website Performance

We know Freightview is a vital part of your shipping workflow and it is important that our website performance is top notch. We spent time doing work behind the scenes to improve speed and stability of our platform.

Carrier Additions

We added the following carriers for quoting, booking and tracking:

  • C&M Forwarding
  • YRC Dimensional Freight Quote
  • ODFL Pallet Pricing
  • Pitt Ohio Volume Quote

We added quote only capabilities for:

  • Total Quality Logistics (TQL)

Other Carrier Enhancements

  • We now pull an invoice from Roadrunner
  • You can now see your Roadrunner pallet rates and LTL rates alongside one another
  • We implemented Holland’s cancel API-- this means they’re notified when you cancel a Holland shipment in Freightview.
  • You can now get rates from ODFL with the Sort & Segregate accessorial selected (if your ODFL tariff supports it, contact your rep for details)
  • We have added tracking for Valley Cartage

Account Review

Are you still unclear on any features? Or just want to see a demo of Freightview as it is currently? Sign up for an account review with Mitch by clicking here.

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