Introducing: The New Freightview Shipment List

You may have noticed a new banner on your shipment list page in Freightview. It looks like this:

We have totally revamped the shipment list page based on feedback we heard from users just like you. We give you the option to toggle between old and new until December 31st when we move everyone over to the new format.

To switch to the new list simply click, “start using it.” Your new shipment page will look something like this:

This new list gives you a birds eye view of your shipments still-- but we give you more detail. You can see your carrier, pickup date, estimated/actual delivery date, invoice amount and a tracking status bar, and more.

Hover over a shipment and see the latest tracking update will appear.

Expand even further to see tracking details, shipments notes, and even share the shipment directly from your shipment list.

Hover over the letters on the bottom left to see what kind of shipment you’re looking out: direct rate, customer routed, spot quote, or a manual quote entry.

You can still individually or mass archive by using the checkboxes or the archive button.

Your shipment filters and export will still function exactly the same.

We hope this revamped shipment list will make your processes inside of Freightview even easier than before. If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and give it look. You can switch back to the old list at any time until December 31st. We’d love to hear your feedback! Email us a

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