Install Freightview in Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser, you can install Freightview as a Chrome app.

Start by going to the Chrome Web Store. Search for Freightview.

Screenshot of search results

Click on it to see more details.

Screenshot of details

To install, click the blue FREE button, then click Add. Now when you click on the Apps link in your shortcut bar...

Screenshot of Apps link'll see Freightview as one of your apps.

Screenshot of apps

Click it to go right into your Freightview. The first time, you'll have to log in. Then it will remember you.

If you've installed the Chrome App Launcher for Mac or Windows, you can also start Freightview from there.

Screenshot of Chrome App Launcher

So there you go, Chrome fans! We hope it saves you a couple of clicks every time you use Freightview.