Freightview in the news: "API Technology leads to logistics innovations"

This summer, Freightview contributed an article in Metal Center News about how API technology can streamline logistics processes. API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, is the current standard for how different systems can communicate with each other. Despite how widely used this cloud-based technology has become in day-to-day life, the freight industry and shipping departments across the country have largely failed to take advantage of this technology.

As transportation management systems have become more common, however, API technology has begun to trickle into the transportation scene. In the Metal Center News article, we dig into how API technology can benefit logistics specifically:

API's allow cloud-based systems to talk with each other, eliminating the need for shippers to keep carrier rates on hand or costly and labor intensive electronic data interchange setups.

API technology allows shippers to instantly receive quotes directly from their carriers' systems, so they always have the most up-to-date and accurate rate. Freightview utilizes this technology by allowing you to seamlessly quote across your entire carrier network, connecting to each of your carrier's APIs and showing those rates when you run a rate on our site.

In the article, we also argue that for rapidly-expanding companies, the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of API technology is a necessity:

Growing companies need a cost-effective way to scale their shipping operations in line with their growth.

More sales means more shipments to process, so growth presents a unique challenge for logistics processes. The instant communication that API technology provides allows growing companies to remain competitive. TMS's that rely on API technology allow companies to stop wasting time going to multiple carrier websites to get a rate quote, so they can focus on more vital tasks.

Another key benefit to API technology we outline is accuracy:

Use of technology helps eliminate the loss of important information that can occur over a series of emails or phone calls.

Even outdated EDI technology, which many carriers and TMS's still rely upon, relies on more manual work and thus creates more opportunities for human error. The API technology that Freightview utilizes eliminates that possibility when comparing rate quotes, creating bills of lading, or scheduling pickups.

One of the most exciting possibilities for API technology in the transportation space is the increased reporting capabilities. As we describe in Metal Center News,

New shipping technology with API capabilities offers users greater access to their freight data and analytics, which empowers them to make smarter decisions about their shipping operations.

API technology allows you to instantly obtain and manipulate your freight data, so you can negotiate lower rates with your carriers and gain better visibility into your shipping processes.

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