New feature: NMFC item number rating

We just added some great functionality to support customers with rates based on NMFC item numbers.

For example, one of our customers has NMFC-based rates for YRC. If they go to the YRC website and try to run a quote without entering an NMFC number, it doesn’t return any rates. If they enter an NMFC number, they get rates (as long as its one of the NMFC numbers YRC has set up for their account).

Our normal quote page has a field for class, not NMFC number:


If a customer runs a quote, and the carrier returns a message that we know means “this customer has to put in NMFC numbers,” then we add another optional field to the form:


Then they can enter an NMFC number and get back rates from the carrier. We’ll store the NMFC number in their product catalog and put it on the BOL.

If you have rates based on specific NMFC item numbers, you should try Freightview today.