How to Succeed in a Capacity Crunch

One of the hottest topics in the freight world right now is the capacity crunch. In order to avoid falling victim to this crunch you want to ensure you’re making your freight as attractive as possible for your freight carriers. Below you’ll find some tips to do so.

Provide as much lead time as possible

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your freight. If you know about a shipment in advance, scheduling it early can ensure your freight has a spot on a carrier’s truck.

Be efficient

The drivers that come to pickup your freight already have a lot on their plate-- don’t hold them up by not having your shipment ready to go or shipping loose pieces versus palletized freight.

Provide accurate information

This may sound simple, but ensure you’re using accurate information when building a load. If a shipment requires a liftgate or residential delivery make sure you include that on the BOL. Provide accurate weight and class to avoid reclassification fees. This will ensure things go smoothly for you, the consignee and the carrier.

Be as flexible as possible

Providing a bigger window for pickup gives you more options for capacity and reduces the likelihood of a missed pickup due to time constraints.

Pay invoices promptly

Having a current account is important to your carriers. One of the easiest ways for you to show you value the carrier’s service and commitment is to pay your invoices as quickly as possible.

Use technology to make your job easier and offer visibility to your carriers

A system like Freightview collects all of your shipping data for you to use for whatever you need. With Freightview, you can export all your shipping data into a .csv to consult with your carrier reps. Sharing this data with your reps allows them to have visibility of your shipping habits and gives you power to negotiate. We’re completely carrier neutral-- but we do want you to have strong relationships with all of the carriers you do choose to work with.

Schedule your shipments with ease, and dispatch with the click of a button using Freightview. Sign up for a free trial today.