How to make your freight more tempting to carriers

Carriers are more likely to want to serve shippers who improve their operational efficiencies. Using a tool like Freightview can be a great first step to streamlining your processes, but try asking yourself these questions so you can maximize your savings.

1) Is your freight easy to handle?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s not that simple. Try to look at opportunities to consolidate the frequency of shipments, ensure pallets are tightly packed to make it easier to load and unload, and to avoid spills and potential damage to equipment or other shippers’ freight. Tell carriers about top-loaded freight so they can maximize trailer space.

2) Are you being proactive and communicate early and often with carriers?

Do you like surprises when shipping your freight? Neither do carriers. If your carrier isn’t familiar with the receiver, their facility characteristics, and what they will encounter on the delivery end, do your best to communicate those things upfront. With Freightview, you can include clear directions in the Special Instructions field on the bill of lading, as well as the contact information for the consignee. This will allow you to avoid delivery issues or expedite their resolution.

3) Do your carriers have full visibility to your shipments?

Giving your carriers visibility to your lanes allows you to work in a strategic partnership with your carriers where both parties can benefit. With Freightview, you can export all your shipping data into a .csv, or utilize our analytics to consult with your carrier reps. We allow you to quote every carrier on every shipment, giving your entire carrier network full visibility to your true volume and making your freight more attractive every day.

4) Are you pre-PRO labeling to speed up freight handling?

Freightview provides instant PRO numbers and pickup numbers straight from the carrier on the bill of lading, so you can eliminate inefficiencies for both you and the carrier.

5) Are you paying invoices promptly?

Cash flow is extremely important to carriers. One of the easiest ways for you to show you value the carrier’s service and commitment is to pay your invoices quickly.

6) What accessorial charges are creating inefficiencies or delivery delays?

Some accessorials indicate inefficiencies in the transportation process. Try talking with carriers and receivers to identify these problem areas up front. If you can eliminate unnecessary accessorial charges, you’ll allow carriers to be more efficient with their operations and reduce your costs.

Carriers want to work with companies who have reliable, quick, and organized operations processes. Freightview allows you to centralize your shipping process while utilizing API technology to instantly eliminate inefficiencies. We can help foster a smoother relationship with you and your carriers, giving you the upper hand when it comes time to negotiate your pricing.

Our knowledgable freight consultants can provide you with specific recommendations to make your freight more attractive to the carriers you’re already working with. Start making your freight more attractive with Freightview now.