How Freightview depends on your feedback

Here at Freightview, we're always eager to hear your thoughts. From the very beginning, our platform has required realtime feedback from our users to make simple ideas become a reality. Born within an industry of LTL giants, our team is comprised of mostly developers, long-term industry insiders, and few fresh-off-the-college-beat millennials. Our application is 100% influenced by the wants and needs of our customers, and our mission is simple: create a product that is simple and user-friendly, with cutting edge technology. The needs of our customers drive our product roadmap and make our app better every week, and our success can only be measured by our customers' satisfaction.

In the past two years, folks have peppered us with emails, chats, phone calls and online reviews sharing their ideas, likes, and dislike. More recently, we have been the ones reaching out to you: calling or emailing for your help, performing case studies on your Freightview experience, or arranging on site visits to see your logistics in action. Our support team has kicked it up a notch this summer with re-designs to our monthly newsletters, ramping up our blog, sharing more about our team on social media, and keeping an open dialogue with the entire company as the customer requests roll in.

So whether it's setting up an online demo with the CFO or performing an onsite visit to see how your docks are organized, there is one major take-away: making Freightview a good fit for your logistics needs is a two way street.

Our customers have a track record of seeing their feedback become a reality. A couple recent examples:

  1. One of our customers pointed out that the emergency contact information for his hazmat shipments wasn't auto-saved into our address book. Not only was his staff reentering Chemtrec's contact info for each shipment, but the majority of LTL shippers use Chemtrec as well, so he made the case that we should auto-save that info for them the first time they entered it. He sent that feedback to his rep Morgan, who shared it in our team feedback channel in Slack, who then discussed it at our huddle. The idea made sense, so we tasked our summer intern to implement it that same week.

  2. We had a few requests from different customers who wanted to be able to share tracking information along with their BOL and labels that they currently send to their customers. As more requests to share tracking came in from more customers, the new functionality became top priority, and we created, and implemented this past June.

  3. We implement our carriers exclusively based on customer demand. For DATS Trucking and Best Overnite Express, for instance, we had enough customers rallying to get those carriers on their Freightview accounts that we implemented them quickly. We prioritize which carriers are implemented on our platform based on the number of customers who have voted, and how easy it is to integrate with them.

Keeping an open line of communication with us about what you want on our platform has a direct impact on what we are building. Although not all feedback requests are a good fit for us to implement for all customers, both complex and simple ideas have brought innovation and customer satisfaction.

Freightview is not finished. There is no such thing as a perfect software. We make Freightview better every day by listening to our customers, empathizing with them, trying very hard to understand the underlying problems they are trying to solve, and shipping out improvements based on customer feedback.

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