How Does Freightview Work?

Freightview uses cutting-edge technology to pull all your rating, booking, and tracking with all of your carriers into a single dashboard. There are no complicated contracts to work out, no tariffs to sift through-- we connect you to all of your carriers in under 48 hours. On top of that, Freightview automatically adapts to any rate changes, so you only have to go through the set up process once. Our connection is seamless.

We know what you're thinking. How the heck are they connecting to all our rates this fast?

The secret to our Freightview magic starts with a process we call "Provisioning." When you first add your carriers to your Freightview account, it triggers the provisioning process instantly. Adding a carrier on Freightview essentially sounds an alarm in our system to either set your rates up automatically or contact your carriers so they can connect you.

Once you've added your carriers, you'll see them listed with a spinning icon on your Freightview homepage.

Image of carriers pending provisioning in Freightview

This icon means we are hard at work getting each of these carriers connected.

We have a unique way of connecting to each carrier, and some carriers go live faster than others. Because we often rely on some manual work on the carrier's side, we typically allow up to 48 hours for carriers to provision (although some may activate instantly).

Once a carrier is active on Freightview, you'll receive an email letting you know. In addition, it will show on your Freightview homepage with a green check mark:

Image of active carrier on homepage

After your carriers are activated, you'll never have to repeat the set up process. Just make sure your carriers keep your online rates up-to-date and they'll automatically be updated in Freightview.

Here are some tips to speed the provisioning process along:

  • Make sure you add all of your company-owned shipping locations so that your carriers can set up your rates all at once.
  • Add all of your carrier partners to your account.
  • Double check that the username/password that you've added for each carrier is valid by logging into the carrier website with those credentials.
  • If your rates don't look like they've been set up correctly, send us your carrier account numbers so we can coordinate with the carrier to get it fixed.
  • If you have any DBA's or if your rates are under a different company name, let us know so we can get that info to the carrier.

Our support team mans much of the provisioning process, so you should forward any questions or concerns to them at Happy Shipping!

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