Get to Know a Freightview Expert: Rowan Hamilton

It’s been really fun getting to talk to my colleagues and reflect on our time at Freightview. It’s time for another edition of “Get to Know a Freightview Expert.” Today we’re talking to Rowan-- one of our developers. I asked him to tell me a little about himself.

Rowan Hamilton


Rowan: Hi I am Rowan, I look at various carrier documentation and turn it into code which gets put in our micro services and then does cool things.

Sam: What does your job entail?

Rowan: Programming and critical thinking.

Sam: What is your typical day like?

Rowan: Wake up, shower, go to work. Then I bust through some git issues / cycle work.

GitHub is where we track any issues you have that we need a developer to look at. It’s also an internal tool for the development team to review each other's code before anything is deployed into our application.

We also work in 4 week cycles here. The team plans all they want to achieve in 4 weeks. That could be new features, expanding on current features, automating manual processes for the support team, or a wide array of other things.

Sam: What is your favorite Freightview memory?

Rowan: The Escape Room


The Escape Room is probably one of my favorites too. We split into two teams to see which team could bust out faster!

Sam: What do you like most about your job?

Rowan: I like the work, I like the challenges and I like my co-workers.

Sam: What do you think is the coolest thing Freightview has rolled out?

Rowan: TPE, Spot Volume and anything else I have touched.

Behind the Freightview platform are real people who love our jobs, each other, and the product and service we provide to you all. We wanted you to get to know some of us a little better.

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