Freightview: The Reviews Are In

We all buy differently, but something that is pretty common across the board is seeing what someone's current customers are saying about them before you even entertain a conversation with a sales representative. 

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We are really proud of the things our customers are saying about us. As of publication we have 599 reviews on Capterra with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5! 

"All my carriers in one place, all my customers in my address book, amazing data to provide my LTL reps for better rates, uniform BOL across all carriers, Pre-PRO'd shipments so I don't have to trust a driver with a sticker book to stick the right pallet, Being able to run spot and volume quotes in one place, lightning fast response from customer service on the rare occasion of an issue, seeing customer service listen to and apply my feedback, tracking all my shipments in one place, having a landing page for a consignee to be able to watch and track from, using the same landing page for inbound shipments so the shipper can reprint BOL's if needed and print pallet labels in the size that they need. Blogs are always poignant and help to become a better shipper and possible alert me to issues others are encountering or mistakes I've been making that are costing me unnecessarily." -- Zac W, whose been a Freightview user since 2014.

With month-to-month, contract free pricing we are working everyday to earn our customers business. We have a top notch support team in place readily available to answer questions or troubleshoot problems.

We encourage you to check out our customer reviews in their entirety on the Capterra website. 

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