Freightview News: November 2020

Want to know what we've been up to?

The end of the year is approaching quickly, and it has definitely been one for the books. 2020 was full of challenges and adjusting to a new standard of normalcy. We are so grateful that despite everything, you trusted Freightview to help manage your shipping department. 

We've been hard at work, and wanted to let you know everything we've been up to since our last newsletter in July.  


Parcel APIs
You can leverage Freightview's APIs to create a powerful shipping flow to get information in and out of your company's system. This process ensures no duplicate entry and provides a very efficient way to integrate Freightview into your day to day business activities. We already gave you the ability to do this with your LTL shipments, but now you can add your parcel into the mix.

Spot Quote Filters 
Organization is key when it comes to efficiently running your shipping department. We already house your negotiated LTL rates alongside your spot bids in one platform, which is awesome-- but we wanted to do more. We’ve now made it easier to find your spot loads in every phase of their life cycle. We implemented spot quote filters. You can sort by a multitude of criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Missed Pickup Report 
Each morning Freightview will automatically run a report through your booked shipments and compile a list of your shipments (grouped by carrier) that were slated to pick up the previous business day but don’t show any tracking information to indicate that they were picked up. This is your missed pickup report.

Updated API Documentation
As mentioned before, we released Parcel APIs this year. We took this as an opportunity to update and clean up our API Documentation and make it even more user friendly. We included potential scenarios you may be wanting to implement to help you decide the best course of action. 

Tag Management 
Freightview gives you the ability to add tags to your booked shipments. This is a helpful tool for organization. You can mark cargo claims, rate discrepancies, reason codes, or any other important info pertaining to your shipments. You can set predetermined tags that will pre-populate when you begin to type.

Address Lookup
With the click of a button we will open a new tab to Google Maps and allow you to review the location. If you’re shipping to an unfamiliar location, you can easily look up the address, quickly see the street view and assess if you need to add a residential delivery or limited access accessorial.

Your logo on Print Rates Document
You can add your company logo to your BOLs and emails sent via Freightview. We’ve heard some requests to show your logo on the print rates page within Freightview. We implemented that this year.

Enhanced Address Book Upload 
With the addition of parcel, we knew it was necessary to add some additional fields to our address book upload. You can check out the full list of uploadable fields on the blog. Once you have your upload ready, our support team will upload it for you.

Enhancements to Freightview Carrier 
Over the summer we released Freightview Carrier, an easy way for carriers to manage every spot quote and shipment they’re attached to via Freightview.

  • We now display all pertinent information-- including requested accessorials.

Pier/Port Pickup and Delivery Added
You can now add this accessorial when quoting within Freightview.

FedEx Freight Direct 
Now you can offer your customers residential and business freight delivery with FedEx Freight Direct. You can quote, book, track, and get your documents within Freightview for FedEx Freight Direct. We made a couple of improvements since the roll out.

Coyote Logistics
You can now rate, book and track your Coyote LTL shipments within Freightview.

You can now rate, book, track, and upload documents for your GlobalTranz LTL shipments within Freightview.

Carrier API Enhancements 

  • Updated the rating APIs for N&M Transfer and Averitt Express. 
  • Implemented rate breakdown for Pitt Ohio and Peninsula Truck Lines. 
  • Implemented N&M Transfer documents API. We will pull in signed BOL, weight certificates, and PODs. 
  • Implemented Averitt Express’ Documents API. We will pull in Appointment Confirmation, Inspection Certificate, invoice, PODs, and signed BOL. 
  • Implemented tracking for Mainfreight. 
  • Pro generation for Averitt Express. 
  • Implemented Cancel APIs for Reddaway, Midwest Motor Express, and R+L Carriers.

Account Review

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