Freightview News for December

The end of the year is quickly approaching and we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to since the release of our last newsletter. We’re looking forward to 2020 and cannot wait to show you what we’ve got up our sleeves.




Booking API
You’ve been able to rate outside of Freightview using our API. However, you now have the ability to finish your booking process outside of the platform, as well. This process ensures no duplicate entry and provides a very efficient way to integrate Freightview into your day to day business activities. Pull rates into your system using our Rater API and use this booking API to complete booking. Check out the API documentation here.

We released ProFinder back in April, but it’s a pretty big deal, so we wanted to cover it here again. Multiple times throughout the day, Freightview will check shipments that should have been picked up, but have no updated tracking, and see if we can find an updated pro number. If so, we will update that pro number, as well as the tracking tied along to it. We’re the only platform doing this! 

Cancel API
It can be a real pain to call customer service and wait on hold just to get your shipment cancelled, or to send an email and wait for confirmation that it’s been taken care of. Cancelling your shipments directly with your carriers is as easy as clicking a button. The same technology used to schedule your shipments is in place to handle the cancellation for six of your carriers.

Actual Savings in Shipment Export
You have the ability to do a raw export of all of your shipping history out of Freightview. This export now includes actual savings-- When you choose the lowest price, we will show you the difference between the price you selected and the next highest price.



Mandatory Shipper and PO Numbers
We added another way to make Freightview fit your specific company needs. Owners have the ability for full access users to make it a requirement to provide a shipper number and/or PO number at the time of booking.

Real Time C.H. Robinson Spot Quote Rates
Get instant rates from C.H. Robinson on spot quote bids. We have to set you up on our end, but once that’s done all you have to do is include your CHR rep on a spot bid. Contact support to learn more.

Spot Quote Enhancements
Many of our spot quote users have specific carrier contacts they will send a quote to depending on the location, equipment type needed, etc. We allow you to have these separate lists within Freightview-- and now those are sorted in alphabetical order for your convenience. We also will now show the quote number in your email request to the carrier.

Ability to Edit Pickup Number & Date
If a shipment gets rescheduled, you can easily update the date and your new pickup number in Freightview on your shipment page. 

Pre-PRO for Oak Harbor
Instantly get a PRO number from Oak Harbor when booking a shipment in Freightview. This will allow for automatic tracking updates.

Rate Breakdown
We added rate breakdown for Standard Forwarding.

API Updates
You can now rate with AMA Transportation. We updated dispatching APIs for Rude Transport, Pilot Freight Services, and Sutton Transport. We also now allow you to track with Titan Freight Systems and JP Express.

We have been BETA testing parcel functionality with a few Freightview subscribers and we will have it ready to roll out early next year. Are you interested in adding parcel to your Freightview workflow? Let us know at

Account Review 
Are you still unclear on any features? Or just want to see a demo of Freightview as it is currently? Sign up for an account review with Mitch by clicking here.

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