Freightview is here to help

We know that we are in uncertain times right now, and various people may be out of the office or working remotely. Just as a reminder Freightview is cloud-based and mobile friendly. You can access the website anywhere. 

We also wanted to make sure you know we are here as a resource to help train people who aren’t as familiar with Freightview who may find themselves using the program over the coming weeks. 

Here are some links we think are helpful: 

How To: Add & Remove Users From Your Freightview Account

Know your Quoting Page: Handy Features at a Glance

Managing Your Customer Routed Shipments

Freightview Product Catalog

If you or your staff would like to see a demo of the platform please feel free to schedule a demo with Mitch by clicking here

Our support team will be available and accepting calls, chats, and emails if you have any questions or concerns.