Delivery time on rates with Freightview for WooCommerce v1.2.0

In [Freightview for WooCommerce v1.2.0] we fixed an issue where two different rates would appear nearly identically in our rate results.

Identical rates in Freightview for WooCommerce

This was due to an oversight where we weren't showing the service option that we return via the Freightview Rating API.

Now, we show the delivery time, which is the reason for the difference in price.

No longer identical rates in Freightview for WooCommerce

To do this, we've changed the default value for the Rate description field.

Rate description field in Freightview for WooCommerce

The new default is:

[carrier] [provider] ([days] [serviceType] [serviceOption])

If you were running a previous version of Freightview for WooCommerce, we recommend that you update this setting to include [serviceOption].

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