Freightview for WooCommerce v1 2.0

Have you checked out the updated WooCommerce plugin?  This tool helps you put your freight rates in front of your customers in real-time while completing purchases online.

Some of the updates include:

  • The store owner has added custom actions for each order in their store.
  • The store owner can toggle accessorial options for the shopper to select. If you don't want your customers to select accessorials, you can set up some default options or restrict any services your carriers may not support.
  • Added controls that determine which orders are rated with Freightview for WooCommerce, making it easier to set up fallback shipping methods.
  • Better display of the delivery time for guaranteed shipments.
  • Improved rate order process with multiple(s) of the same item.

If you have any questions or feedback on our WooCommerce plugin, we'd love to Hear it from you!