Control when you rate a shipment with Freightview for WooCommerce

In Freightview for WooCommerce v1.2.0 we introduced two ways to control when orders are rated with Freightview for WooCommerce.


We added a new field for minimum weight, which sets a floor for the shipments rated with Freightview. We will use the total weight of the shipment to make this determination.

The new minimum weight setting in Freightview for WooCommerce v1.2.0

Freight class

We also made a change to the plugin to only rate the shipping classes that we give you the option to add in the settings.

Freightview for WooCommerce shipping classes

We will also try and rate orders for products that do not have a shipping class selected, but the accuracy and availability of rates will be limited.

Shipping method priority

Now you can setup different priorities for other shipping methods to create suitable fallback options when we are unable to return rates on the Shipping tab in the WooCommerce settings.

Setup shipping method priority in Freightview for WooCommerce

We think this will help give you the flexibility to offer the best shipping rate available to your customers, happy shipping!

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