Freightview for Salesforce: Quote Extension

Once you have installed Freightview for Salesforce, you may also want to install Freightview's Quote Extension. This extension allows you to add the Freightview rating engine to your quotes.

Before you install this extension, you will want to make sure that you have quotes enabled in Salesforce. You can find more detailed instructions on enabling quotes here.


Once you have quotes enabled, click here to install the Freightview Quote Extension.

You will be prompted to choose which user accounts will be able to use the Freightview Quote Extension. We recommend installing it for all users. Click install once you make your selection.

Freightview Quote Extension on Salesforce AppExchange Install for All Users

That's it! The Freightview Quote Extension is now installed.

Customizing Quote Page Layout

If you already set up the Account and Opportunity page layouts when you installed Freightview for Salesforce, you will find that the process for setting up the Quote page layout is very similar. First, select Setup from the top right of your screen; then, in the bar on the left side under Build, select the dropdown for Customize. This time, select Quotes and then Page Layout from the menu.

Setup button in Salesforce

Customize Quote Page Layouts menu item in Salesforce

Choose a page layout and click Edit.

Table of Quote Page Layouts in Salesforce

In the layout modification section, scroll down the menu on the left side and click on Visualforce Pages.

Visualforce Pages menu item in Quote Layout in Salesforce

Click and drag the Section box onto the screen.

Enter Freightview for the section name, change the layout to 1-Column, and click OK.

Section Properties in Salesforce

Back in the layout modification section, you will see RatesAccount. Click and drag this into the new Freightview section that you created.

Click on the small wrench icon in the top right corner of the blue box to edit the Properties.

Properties wrench icon in Salesforce

Blue RatesAccount box in Salesforce

Change the height to 700, check Show scrollbars, and click OK.

Visualforce Page Properties in Salesforce

Finally, click Save in the top left corner of the layout modification section.

Save button in Quote Layout section in Salesforce

Now, you should be able to view Freightview rates within your Quote pages.

Freightview rate quote request form on a Quote page