FedEx and Freightview Working Together to Drive Efficiencies

Freightview is now a certified FedEx® Compatible solution. What does that mean to you as Freightview customer?

With a FedEx Compatible certification, Freightview simplifies the freight shipping process to help you increase productivity:

  • Experience the same great Freightview workflow you’re used to with the added efficiency of FedEx Freight® shipping integrated via API.
  • Reduce errors by shipping via FedEx Freight in Freightview—use shipping tools, share address books, create shipping profiles and business rules.
  • Generate an automated BOL for FedEx Freight shipments—reducing labor and inaccurate rate quotes.
  • See your company’s contracted FedEx rates on every quote for multiple service levels.
  • FedEx and Freightview bring productivity and reliability to your freight shipping—right at your fingertips

Seamless integration of FedEx Freight shipping helps you control costs and work smarter.

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