Enter or change a PRO number

For most shipments you book through Freightview, a PRO number will be automatically assigned by the carrier, and it will print out on your bill of lading and shipping labels. But for some carriers, you'll still have to get your PRO number from the driver when he makes the pickup.

It's easy to add the PRO number into Freightview. Just go to the details page. Right above the map, you'll see a link to add the PRO number.

Screenshot of PRO number link

Click it, and you'll see a field for copying the PRO number from the driver's sticker.

Screenshot of PRO number field

Enter the number and click Save. Now the PRO number is recorded with the shipment. You can track your freight, and when you export a spreadsheet of your data, it will include the PRO number.

Screenshot of shipment with PRO number

In some rare situations, you might need to change the PRO number on a shipment. For example, maybe you print out a BOL with a PRO number, but the driver puts his own sticker over it. You can update the number by clicking on it and entering the new one.

It's a small thing, but it's one example of how Freightview makes it easy to manage the real world of shipping LTL freight.