End of Year Spend Reporting

If you’re a Freightview user you already know that as you ship Freightview keeps track of every single shipment and compiles this information into valuable analytical reports. However, you may not know how to use these reports to your advantage.

You can simply look at overall spend but your shipping volume could have changed-- if so, straight cost may not be the best indicator or place for comparison but it still necessary to know your overall spend and shipment volume.

You can use the pre-generated charts to compare costs year over year. This is a great way to show how your department is making better decisions and saving the company money. The example below shows spend by cost per hundredweight.

You can see the customer in this example, lowered the amount they were spending per hundredweight pretty significantly.

We also allow you to export your raw shipping data. This export will come directly to your email and contains so much valuable information that you can use to analyze your spend, negotiate with carriers and make better choices in 2019.

We’re curious to know how you use your Freightview analytics and data! Let us know at feedback@freightview.com

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