How to Integrate a new TMS on your own: 3 Steps

When you hear anything about implementing new technology or process you are likely to automatically assume it’s going to be a long and difficult process. That is a normal reaction to have, but using Freightview doesn’t garner that response. It couldn’t be easier.

You've made the decision to switch to a new transportation management system, or start using one for the very first time. You don't need to feel overwhelmed, or worry the process is going to take up all of your bandwidth and patience. We understand, and we've worked hard to make sure this process is as easy as possible.

Freightview implementation happens quickly, and in three super easy streps. 

Your shipping department is not going to slow down so you need to ensure you choose a transportation management system (TMS) that can be ready to go quickly without disrupting your day-to-day.

Setup your Freightview profile

We will need you to enter some information to get started, but you can get all of that information entered in 5-10 minutes. We will ask you to enter the addresses of all of your shipping locations, and your login information for your carrier partners. That is the only information required to get your Freightview account started.

Our support team will work with our technology contacts at your chosen carriers to get your rates connected and flowing into Freightview.

Sit back and let us connect your rates

We promise to have your rates connected in 24-48 hours. We use API technology to get your rates so it’s a really simple connection from our system to the carriers. When you first add your carriers to your Freightview account, it triggers the provisioning process instantly. Adding a carrier on Freightview essentially sounds an alarm in our system to either set your rates up automatically or contact your carriers so they can connect you.

This quick connection means you have plenty of time to really gauge the value of Freightview during your free trial period.

Utilize our resources to get your team up to speed

Freightview has a user-friendly and clean interface that is really easy to learn. We also have a world-class support team that is here to host demos, put on webinars, answer questions, and recommend blog content that walks you through different scenarios and features. If you add new users later, we are happy to help train them up and get them confident in using the system as well.

Adding Freightview into your workflow is quick, simple, and chock full of resources to help make your shipping department even more efficient and successful. 

If you're ready to transform your shipping process and begin using our top-rated transportation management system, we're ready to do the work to get your setup quickly and easily. Start your free trial by clicking the button below. 

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