Easier LTL For All

If you’re like most of our customers, shipping is one of your top expenses- time consuming, frustrating, and difficult. Perhaps a single employee shoulders the entire burden alone because, frankly, no one else has the time, the knowledge, or the stomach for it.

We built Freightview with your whole business in mind. Freightview can be a lever for your customer service, sales, and finance teams. This is why we give our customers unlimited users! Here’s how our customers share the load with Freightview.

Customer Service

With Freightview, your entire company has access to freight tracking information. We’ve also made it easier than ever to get this information to your customer. You can proactively include your customer on shipment notifications so they know exactly what you are sending and when it should arrive.

You can also use our ‘search’ function to view scheduled, in transit, and delivered freight. If you know how to use google- you can use our ‘search’ feature to respond to customer inquiries on the fly. No freight experience necessary.


Your customers care about shipping costs. With Freightview you can effectively eliminate delays for customers who are showing you buying signals.

Your inside sales staff can access Freightview under a “quote only” access log in that allows them to pull rates instantly and accurately. You could also use our free Salesforce plugin to pull rates right into your CRM.

If you have outside sales staff, they can use our mobile friendly site to pull your freight rates in seconds, right there with the customer.

For businesses running an e-commerce operation- we have a WooCommerce plugin (more plugins coming soon). These plugins allow your customers to rate products they drop into your online shopping cart and pay you on the spot.


Visibility to your freight spend probably requires either a 3rd party bill pay and audit company, or a very dedicated and diligent staff who really loves burning hours of their week manually entering data into spreadsheets, and cross checking quoted prices with invoices.

With Freightview, you have 2 click access to metrics that help you measure your spend, look for quoting/ pricing discrepancies, savings opportunities, and more. Freightview frees you up to invest time previously spent on tedious activities into rate negotiations, performance analysis, or a well deserved vacation!

Learn how PROSOCO improved their customer service with Freightview.