Do More with Less in your Shipping Department

A lot of us are trying to effectively do our jobs and serve our customers right now with less manpower and lower budgets than we’re used to. It’s tough, but it is the reality we are currently living in. We are all trying to do more with less.

As a shipping department, how do you ensure you are still getting orders out quickly, accurately, and efficiently without breaking the bank? That’s where Freightview comes in.

Many companies are now trying to learn how to work efficiently and effectively without having their entire staff in the office. Accessing certain programs or tools at home can be difficult. But not with Freightview. We are a cloud-based transportation management system-- that means you can use it anywhere on any device that has internet access.

The bottom line has always been important to businesses, but when budgets are being cut it becomes even more critical to ensure you’re spending your money wisely, and getting the most out of your dollar.

We understand that-- we work with customers across multiple industries and while some thrived over the last few months some scaled back and had to make some tough decisions. But even in doing so-- they recognised that Freightview was an integral part of their process and they kept us around.

Freightview empowers you to make the best choice on every single shipment. We pull in the rates you’ve worked hard to negotiate for LTL and parcel and have a tool to get spot quotes for the other stuff. I know that sounds great, but you may be asking, “why Freightview?” Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

It won’t break the bank

We are very transparent about our pricing, and you can find it published on our website. We have solutions starting at $99 a month. That is a flat fee. We don’t charge you for additional users, locations, or carriers and we won’t tack on any extra fees if you go over your shipping tier that month.

We also don’t do contracts here. If you decide Freightview isn’t working for you anymore, or you need to hit pause, you can cancel your subscription at any time with the click of a button, although we hope you won’t want to!

Spend less time routing your shipment

Time is money. Before Freightview, many of our customers were visiting multiple carrier websites to run quotes to make sure they were getting the best deal. Enter the quote once and Freightview automatically pulls back all of your rates and transit times. Saving minutes on each quote really adds up throughout the day. This leaves more time for you to take care of your other responsibilities.

All of your shipment data can live in one place

Where you have multiple people handling your shipping or you’re a one person operation having all of your shipment in one place can be really beneficial. Freightview keeps a record of every shipment you book, forever, and you’ll know exactly where it is.

You won’t have to go site to site to quote and book anymore, but you also won’t have to go to multiple sites to collect documents, analyze your freight spend, or audit your shipments. Your entire shipping department can work together easily on one website.

Implementation and training is quick and easy

Your Freightview account can be set up in 10 minutes and we will have all of your rates connected between 24-48 hours. Bigger transportation management systems may take months to implement but we use API technology that makes the process easy and quick.

Learning Freightview is pretty easy, too. We’ve set up our quoting screen to closely mimic the carrier quote screens you’re accustomed to. We are happy to do online training sessions with you and your team to perform a demo of the platform and answer any questions that pop up along the way.

We also have a lot of resources for you to use once you get going. We have a really smart and responsive support team here. If you need an instant answer you can call us or use our live chat. If it’s less pressing send us an email-- but we’ll still respond within the hour.

Freightview offers top tier performance and support without breaking the bank. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself what Freightview can do.