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There is nothing worse than reaching out to customer support and getting a robot or getting stuck in line. We’ve all experienced yelling “CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE” into the phone in frustration at some point or another.

Not with Freightview. One thing that truly sets Freightview apart is our world-class support team. We are a company all about automation-- except when it comes to our support team. It is important to us that our relationship and interaction with you remain completely human.

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The Freightview support team is not your average support team. We’re a small collaborative team and there are four key things that set us apart from the rest.

We’re Smart

That may sound boastful, but it’s not. It’s just true. The support team is made up of people who know Freightview, technology and have an understanding of the freight world. Our support member who has worked at Freightview for the least amount of time has worked here for over two years.

Our knowledge of Freightview and technology in general means we know how to dig into problems. Most of the time we can answer your question or solve your problem right then and there.

We’re Available

When you reach out to us you get a human immediately. There is no automated phone system or queue to wait in for live chat. We’re standing by and ready to answer questions, listen to feedback, or talk through a scenario.

Our Support is Unlimited

It doesn’t matter if your Freightview subscription is $99 or $1000-- you have unlimited access to our support team. We think this should be a given, but that’s not the case with every software company. You aren’t limited to one method of communication either.

There Are Options

I mentioned not being limited to one form of communication. You can reach our support team by phone, email, or live chat. We’ll answer your call or live chat right away, and we’ll have an email response out to you within the hour.

Untitled design (1)-3When you reach out to support Brenna, Mitch, Katie, and Sam will be s standing by to help you.

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