How to Choose Between Print BOL & Schedule Pickup

At Freightview we want you to have freedom of choice when it comes to handling your shipping processes. If you’re a Freightview user you have no doubt noticed the options for scheduling your pickup within Freightview or choosing to Print BOL only when you’re finalizing your shipment.

If you choose “Schedule pickup & print BOL” then Freightview will automatically send a pickup request over to the carrier and return a pickup number if the carrier provides one. Simple as that.

However, if you choose “Print BOL only,” Freightview will not send a pickup request to the carrier. You may be wondering, “Why would I choose to do that?”

  • If your location is a daily stop for a carrier
  • If your location has a drop trailer
  • If you’ve already spoken to dispatch/would rather call in a specific shipment yourself

Whatever your reason may be, you have the option to choose.

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