Checking Your Truckload Carrier's Safety Rating: Part 2

If you’ve been following the blog you saw our first edition of tips for monitoring your truckload carrier's safety rating. If you haven’t been following the blog, go ahead and take a second to catch up.

The last post was a pretty basic look at evaluating carrier safety. This time around we’re going to get a little more in depth.

We will be using the Safer website again and looking in all of the same places as we did previously, but this time we’re going to examine different authority statuses and safety ratings and what they mean.

Operating Status

There are 5 possible operating statuses for a carrier on the Safer website.

Out-of-Service: this means the carrier is under an out-of-service order and is not authorized to operate. * Inactive USDOT Number*: This means they’re not current with the USDOT, and likely just need to renew or update paperwork. They should reach out accordingly to get this corrected.

Authorized for {Passenger, Property, HHG-Household Goods}: This will give the specific operating authorities the carrier or broker has authority to operate.

Not Authorized: This carrier does not have any operating authority

Active: Carrier is authorized to operate

Safety Rating

There are 3 possible safety ratings you can see on the Safer site.

Satisfactory: This means that records indicate that there has been no evidence of substantial non-compliance with safety requirements.

Conditional: This means the carrier was not in compliance with at least one safety requirement.

Unsatisfactory: This means records indicate there has been substantial noncompliance with safety requirements.

If a carrier is conditional or unsatisfactory they are stuck in this spot until their next safety audit is performed. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to see which categories of the safety audit a carrier failed. Although, the two categories that seem to trip carriers up the most are hours of service and unsafe driving.

Ultimately the carrier you decide to trust with your freight is up to you. But this is a great way to get a snapshot of the carrier you’re considering.

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