Calculate markups on your freight rates

If you mark up your freight rates before you pass them on to your customers, it's time to put your calculator back in a desk drawer where it belongs.

Let's say you're the Freightview account owner and you want to mark your rates up by 20% when Sales or Customer Service is quoting shipping for a customer. Freightview makes it easy.

First, go to your list of users on the home base page.

Screenshot of home base

For each user, you can enter a markup percentage. Let's set Joe to 20%.

Screenshot of 20%

Now let's run the same quote, first under your account and then under Joe's. Notice that Joe sees rates that are 20% higher than yours.

Screenshot of rate comparison

Joe will also see marked-up rates everywhere in Freightview, including previous quotes and shipments he's booked. You, as the account owner, always see the actual rates that the carrier will be billing you.

Markups are another way we want to change your relationship with freight. Try it out today and let us know what you think.