Are You a Fit for Freightview?

Decent daily LTL shipping volume.

We typically work with companies who ship about 5-50 LTL shipments a day. Having a fair LTL shipping volume means more shipments to process, a larger carrier network, more manual work to manage, and in turn, a greater need for a TMS. We do work with companies who have a lower LTL shipping volume, and those companies may have more time-consuming shipping processes that justify the value of Freightview.

You work with multiple asset-based LTL carriers, and maybe a broker or two.

The bulk of our users work with 3 or more LTL carriers, and no more than a couple of brokers. If you find yourself wasting a lot of time bouncing around from carrier website to carrier website to get a rate quote, you're a great fit for our platform. Freightview allows you to access your entire carrier network in one spot. A handful of major brokers do participate in Freightview, however, our core user base has strong volume with multiple asset-based LTL carriers.

Your current shipping process is time-consuming.

If you're doing a lot of manual work just to get the right rate quote, schedule a pickup, or track a shipment, Freightview can help you out. Instead of having to email your reps, call your local terminals, and surf multiple websites to quote, schedule pickups, get BOLs/labels, and track, you can get it all instantly and in one spot.

You're worried you're missing out on cheaper rates for certain lanes.

Maybe you've got a routing guide that you suspect is a little outdated. Maybe you've been relying on certain go-to carriers, but aren't sure what your other carriers have to offer for certain lanes. Maybe you just give up after quoting from a few websites and settle on the cheapest one you see. Whatever the case may be, you are missing out on major opportunities for savings by not having maximum visibility to your entire carrier network for every lane. Freightview provides an instant quote from every single one of your carriers for every single lane, so you know you're getting the best rate every time.

You require accurate rates and rapid/on-time service levels for your customers.

The hours you save on manual work means quicker turnaround on orders for your customers. Freightview also gives you instant access to all your carriers time-critical and guaranteed rates, so you can get the best expedited rate for any lane. Once you've selected your rate and scheduled the pickup, you can track all those shipments in one spot as well - so you'll know right away if something goes wrong in transit. If you have time-sensitive freight, Freightview allows you to maximize your service levels and make sure you have total control.

You need better shipping data so you can negotiate your rates with your carriers.

Freightview's analytics give you instant visibility to all your freight spend, so you can more easily negotiate lower rates with your carriers. You can also export all your shipping data into a .csv file to give to your carrier reps, so they have a more accurate picture of where they stand and can sharpen their pencil and cut you a deal.

You're ready for a change.

Implementing Freightview is quick and easy. Setting up your carriers and brokers takes under five minutes, and we'll have all your rates live on our platform in under 48 hours. Knowing that you can save this much time and money, the responsibility to choose to take this simple step still rests on your shoulders. Are you ready to progress from the way you've always done things? Are you ready to reimagine your relationship with freight?

Try us out today to see what Freightview can do for you.