3 Benefits of a Multi-Carrier Strategy


When it comes to deciding what your shipping department should look like, and what kind of solution you should utilize it will likely be just as unique as your business. One solution you can choose to utilize is building a multi-carrier network to work with. There are certain benefits that come with utilizing multiple freight carriers.

What benefits come with utilizing multiple carriers?

More Options

This one is simple. Utilizing more carriers means you have more options to choose from when booking a shipment. This means more opinions on transit times and service levels as well. If you are utilizing one carrier, and need a shipment delivered within a certain time period, you may have to pay heavily to make it happen. You may also have customers that prefer a specific carrier partner-- working with more carriers means having the flexibility to meet these requests.

Different carriers bring different benefits to the table

Each carrier has its own set of advantages and specialities. This plays into the earlier point of having more options. Perhaps there is a carrier who has proved more reliable when it comes to inside deliveries or delivering more fragile pieces without damage. There are so many aspects that go into choosing a carrier.

Greater Negotiating Power

You gain negotiating power when you utilize multiple freight carriers. If a carrier knows you are utilizing them and only them it gives them less incentive to be competitive. Knowing they are trying to secure your business will make them more inclined to offer better rates on the lanes they want to win.

How do I manage using multiple different carriers?

Utilizing more than one carrier might sound like more work, but it doesn’t have to be. When you use a Transportation Management System, like Freightview, you have the ease of working with one carrier with all of the benefits of working with multiple. Plug in a quote one time and see all of your options at once. You can compare costs, transit times, accessorial costs, etc. before making your decision.

A multi-carrier strategy won’t be right for everyone, but Freightview is built to help shippers who have opted into this kind of approach.

If you’d like to see for yourself how Freightview can be beneficial to your business sign up for a free trial today.