2020: Year in Review

Before we totally say goodbye to 2020 let's review all we rolled out over the past 12 months.

Let's talk about 2020 

I know we're all happy to leave 2020 behind, but before we do, let's highlight some of the biggest releases we brought to Freightview over the last 12 months. We are looking forward to the rest of 2021 and making Freightview an even better tool. 


Parcel is here-- quote, book, and track your parcel shipments within Freightview. 

  • Compare your parcel rates between UPS and FedEx
  • Generate labels for parcel shipments
  • Track # of shipments, spend, and other analytics
  • Ship LTL and parcel all on one platform

Parcel APIs
You can leverage Freightview's APIs to create a powerful shipping flow to get information in and out of your company's system. This process ensures no duplicate entry and provides a very efficient way to integrate Freightview into your day to day business activities. We already gave you the ability to do this with your LTL shipments, but now you can add your parcel into the mix.

Booking API 
You no longer have to come back inside of Freightview to complete the booking process. Book a specific shipment, using a specific rate, in order to get a BOL back and/or place a pickup request. We hosted a webinar on our suite of APIs, which you can check out here.

Updated API Documentation
As mentioned before, we released Parcel APIs this year. We took this as an opportunity to update and clean up our API Documentation and make it even more user friendly. We included potential scenarios you may be wanting to implement to help you decide the best course of action.

Freightview Sandbox
We’ve rolled out a sandbox environment for you to test your API integrations before you start booking live loads. Your account will automatically be granted access to the sandbox environment. See details here. You can also login to the sandbox front-end environment here, using  the same credentials you use to login to Freightview production. The staging environment used previously will no longer be available after February 1st. 

Freightview Carrier 
The Freightview spot quoting tool has been available and helping shippers since the summer of 2017. But now, we’ve rolled out a carrier site-- which will be valuable for shippers and carriers alike. Freightview Carrier is an easy way for carriers to manage every spot quote and shipment they’re attached to via Freightview. Your spot quote carriers will now have the ability to give you tracking updates, provide a BOL, and send important updates which will appear in Freightview.

Audit Only Permissions 
A little over a year ago we rolled out audit functionality in Freightview. One piece of feedback we often heard was that it was a problem that only full access users had access to this tool.

You can now add audit access to any of your users on your settings page. If you’re a full access user you will still have access without needing to change this setting.

Resend Audit Dispute Email
If you are utilizing our auditing tool and using it to send rate disputes to your carriers you now have the option to resend that dispute email. This is an easy way to follow up with your carrier if you have not heard back regarding your dispute.

Spot Quote Filters 
Organization is key when it comes to efficiently running your shipping department. We already house your negotiated LTL rates alongside your spot bids in one platform, which is awesome-- but we wanted to do more. We’ve now made it easier to find your spot loads in every phase of their life cycle. We implemented spot quote filters. You can sort by a multitude of criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Missed Pickup Report 
Each morning Freightview will automatically run a report through your booked shipments and compile a list of your shipments (grouped by carrier) that were slated to pick up the previous business day but don’t show any tracking information to indicate that they were picked up. This is your missed pickup report.

Tag Management 
Freightview gives you the ability to add tags to your booked shipments. This is a helpful tool for organization. You can mark cargo claims, rate discrepancies, reason codes, or any other important info pertaining to your shipments. You can set predetermined tags that will pre-populate when you begin to type.

Address Lookup
With the click of a button we will open a new tab to Google Maps and allow you to review the location. If you’re shipping to an unfamiliar location, you can easily look up the address, quickly see the street view and assess if you need to add a residential delivery or limited access accessorial.

Manual Quoting Enhancements 
You’ve been able to add manual quotes to your Freightview account for awhile, but now we’ve given you the ability to enter one for any carrier-- without adding them to your account.

Freight Class Calculator
Ask and you shall receive. We recently added a freight class calculator to the quoting screen. Enter your weight and dimensions and we will provide you with the estimated class based on the density of your product.

New Address Book Setting
Decide if every address you ship to or from is automatically stored in your address book. If you are shipping to a lot of one-off destinations this can help keep your address book clean. You will find this under your app settings.

Default Label Settings 
You now have the option to set default label settings for your company. This will allow you to bypass a step and automatically generate the size you need.

Volume Quote Expiration Date 
We return volume quotes via the API for your supported carriers. Those are only valid for a limited time, and you can now see that expiration date included in the quote.

Website Performance
We know Freightview is a vital part of your shipping workflow and it is important that our website performance is top notch. We spent time doing work behind the scenes to improve speed and stability of our platform.


Account Review

Are you still unclear on any features? Or just want to see a demo of Freightview as it is currently? Sign up for an account review with Mitch by clicking here.

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